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quinta-feira, 14 de julho de 2011

My photographer friends from all over the world who are animal lovers of wildlife that Ariel is a lion of nine years who suffered a fall and today is no movement back and the family that takes care of Ariel can not find the cause this problem he now lives lying and struggling to survive, I would ask friends if anyone know any expert on big cats lions mainly so you can help save the life of Ariel? The family that takes care of Ariel also takes care of other animals and urgently needs financial help because the expense is very high for months. Does anyone doubt please contact the owner of Ariel Raquel in Facebook:!/pages/Ajuda-ao-Le%C3%A3o-Ariel/171034439619629

Thank you all and we will help this beautiful lion to survive.
A hug to all fabiano freitas

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