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segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2011


I would like to thank all the Brazilian photographers and photographers from other countries for letting me post your work on my blog, I want to thank the models, thanks to friends and relatives who helped in spreading the blog, thanks also to my friend photographer Fabiana Costa who made the blog with all my love, thank the friends who come every day from various parts of the world, today my blog is visited by friends from 57 countries.
No matter what color, race, culture, language, rich or poor, famous or not the important thing here is to show the world that through photography we are able to show how much beauty exists in our world and we need not live in war in return for nothing, through photography and know beautiful places very poor places that rulers need to do something to help these people.
Through photography we know others not so famous models, we know that insects that had not even imagined existed in other countries, even from Brazil.
We know of other famous photographers seeking the ways of stardom, thanks also to friends who work behind the photographers holding a reflector, a bank, makeup artists, in order to all who somehow helped the photographers do their jobs.
What I ask all friends who visit my blog to reflect, I'm sure we can live in a world better than we have today.
Just each do your part! Thank all of you.
Fabiano Freitas

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